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Ration Official asks 3500 - 10000 for Name Addition

Reported on March 10, 2018 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #179689

XXXX I had completed all form filling and official Documentation work. All work including Birth Certificate of my Son was legal and ready. But XXXX wouldnt budge, and kept me moving on my feet for 15 days, just to add my New born Sons name on my White Ration Card. There are many troubles. 1) the Office only gives out 100 forms, which MUST be taken on first come first serve basis. basically i had to Stand in line from 5.30 AM. untill the office counter opens at 11 AM. to take the form. 2) Even after having Original ready by your side, it is of no use. The Inspector is always on Field work and never in office duty. You need to be waiting in the office from 10.30 - 6.30 to meet him at any given time. He comes randomly at his convenience. No peon or staff will help you, it is like everyone is scared of him. 3) i managed to meet him on 3rd day, but he demanded 2 more xerox copies. and when i returned in 5 minutes, he vanished. i waited till 4.30, but he didnt come. In fact he didnt even come the next day. then after Sunday, i get to meet him the coming Monday at 3.30 lunch time, where he shamelessly asks me for taking lunch outside. which i rejected. then after that he kept giving me dates again and again, till 13th day he asked for 10000 rupees, which was total shock. One by stander was also shocked, I requested him to reduced the amount to 200 - 300 rupees, which we managed to got him to 3500 rupees. I wonder if this XXXX loot is common. because children are born like every day and officers like these must be taught a lesson. He should understand that There are not just Rich people in XXX there are also Service people, Some Slums and even people living below means

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