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The Sub Registrar collected INR 35000 before registration of the land

Reported on October 25, 2015 from Chikmagalur , Karnataka  ι Report #80569

This incident happened in Sub Registrar's Office in Chikmaglur Dist. I had gone to office to get the registration of land. Before that an agent and an Advocate went to the officer and discussed the matter, and told me that I have to pay INR 35000 to the Officer and INR 2000 to the staff who feeds the information to the system. The fees to the document writer and the Advocate is separate.
The agent and the Advocate went inside the chamber of the Officer and asked me to give my bio metric identification before the system operator.
I am one of the hundreds of people who throng the sub-registrar's office on a daily basis.
I can only imagine how much money is exchanged under the tables..and that too with all the CCTV cameras in place.
Will any action ever be taken against the corrupt? or this so-called "chaltha hai" attitude of ours continue?

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