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To meet the dcp zone 5of Thane i was demanded 50000 by his reader

Reported on May 9, 2020 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #222306

Dear sir There was a theft in my office at Godbunder i approached kasarvadavli police station to Lodge a complaint police officals refused to Lodge a complaint after visiting several times they Lodge acomplaint but they refused to arrest the accused i decided to meet the Dcp zone v there i was told by reader of Dcp to cough up 50000 if you have to meet the Dcp i approached Thane anti corruption bureo i was told to speak to Mr throat reader to Dcp instead of arranging the trap the informed the Dcp zone 5 that we are coming today please don't accept any money the trap was failed and my work is not done in kasarvadavli police station there is heavy corruption in kasarvadavli police station an ordinary persons work is not done without money irequest the investigation agencies to keep a watch on kasarvadavli police station regards Anil gurnani my mobile number is 9137309314

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