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Traffic Police exaggerated fine forceful

Reported on October 15, 2019 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #215415

While returning from my office in Hinjewadi towards balewadi on friday evening, just below wakad bridge I stopped at the corner to look for traffic before moving to left towards Mumbai (so that i can take next underpass on right and take back to balewadi). Since I was waiting at the corner and easily accessible to the traffic police on the side, they asked me for license. I thought it is routine checkup and i gave my license to the Police. He kept the license and started abusing me for stopping the vehicle and disrupting the traffic. I had stopped on the extreme left and there was no option for any traffic disruption. I explained him alot that I was looking at the right to get the right time to take my left, but he didnt listen to me.
He later asked me to come on other side of the road and asked me to meet his senior (Just below wakad bridge there is a small office type created for traffic police towards hinjewadi). As i met him to explain that i was on road side, but he as well didnt listen at all and kept abusing (Tum court chalo and wahan fine bharo, tumko hum dikhata hai, etc. etc.).
Later the original policeman left outside of office, and i tried discussing how to settle this, and he showed me some page with penalties worth 3000-5000 etc. for every punishment. Without having much knowledge of the same and a little tiredness from office I asked what we can do where he forced me to pay him 2000Rs to settle the matter and without which he will not do anything.
I did a mistake my giving him money. Later on Saturday when i actually checked the google and tried investigating I realized that he made fool out of me.
There were 3 people (traffic police) all short heighted, dark complexion and cheap in talking. As we come from Balewadi side and take left towards hinjewadi, right at the corner on righthand side is a small office for traffic police they all were sitting there.

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