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Vehicle Transfer/Purchase to Nashik

Reported on July 26, 2019 from Nashik , Maharashtra  ι Report #210862

I have recently bought a second hand Wagon R LX car from an decorated Army Officer with all clear paperwork but from another state.(There are provisions for same mind you).
The Owner was so helpful that he helped me get the NOC(No Objection Certificate) from Punjab RTO in a very short time and correct way. We have all documents clear like RC Book,Valid Insurance, PUC check report,Car purchase invoice. Affidavit stating that the sale is genuine and i am the owner now and all responsibility would be mine going forward.
The additional RTO forms 28,29,30 are rightly filled as well.

Where do we go wrong then ?

Its the corruption and hypocrite minds of the government servants of the Nashik RTO.
Worth for nothing just sitting there due to their caste reservations.

It does not stop here, there is no sense of respect for their seniors.
After getting fedup with visiting the windows,for help :) i tried approaching the senior person their i feel commisioner of non transport wing. MR NIKAM.

Department hed: Mr Nikam (Non transport wing)
Time was somewhere between 12 PM -2 PM.
Date 25-07-2019
Location RTO Office Nashik
Incident took place in the premises.
Clerks senior officials all are the same.

He wrote something on a chit saying Please help/guide and collect road tax stating couple of names i dont remember windows 21 22 23 if i recollect where one was a lady. Vehcle transfer department .
Funnily they did not help even then and said some additional documents are required that , which was really not.
Proved to be an well planned act i suppose.

Left me with no other option but to pay Rs.6000 INR for the same work to an RTO agent.
The agent said " everything is clear but saab log ka muh bharna hota hain".
Shitty people.

Please do not try to calculate their black money you might start feeling poor. Even if you are not.

Curse that you see hell soon.


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