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How to get customs clearance of import
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How to get a Duplicate Vehicle Registration certificate issued in Chennai
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In case of loss/destruction of the RC, a person can apply for a duplicate Registration Certificate to the concerned Regional Transport Officer. The owner has to carry a copy of the report lodged with the Police Station in whose jurisdiction such a loss/destruction has occurred.

  1. Who can apply?

Owner of the vehicle can apply for duplicate Registration Certificate

  • An application for the issue of a duplicate Certificate of Registration shall be made in Form 26.
  • If covered by Finance/ Hire Purchase/ Lease, then the signatures of the Financier must be obtained on Form 26 in duplicate,
  • Duly pay the appropriate fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989,
  • Submit the form submitted to the Registering Authority (Regional Transport Officer (or) Motor Vehicle Inspector, Grade-I / II.) in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is.
  1. What are the documents required?
  1.  Application in Form-26 (
  2. Police Certificate (FIR) in case of loss of R.C.
  3. Original copy of R.C. (if damaged)
  4. Valid Tax Token
  5. Last 4 Quarter Tax payment details
  6. Insurance Certificate
  7. No objection certificate from Financier (optional)
  8. Valid Pollution under Control Certificate
  1. What are the Charges for obtaining a duplicate vehicle registration certificate (depending on the kind of vehicles below are the charges listed accordingly)
  • .Invalid Carriage Rs.10/-
  • Motor Cycle Rs.30/-
  • LMV        
  • Invalid Carriage Rs.10/
  • Motor Cycle Rs.30/-
  • LMV        

(a) I.N.T. Vehicle Rs.100/-

(b) Commercial Vehicle Rs.150/

  • Medium Goods Vehicle Rs.200/-
  • M.P.M.V.  Rs.200/
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle Rs.300/-
  • H.P.M.V.  R.300/
  • Imported Motor Vehicle Rs.400/-
  • Imported Motor Cycle Rs.100/-
  • Any other vehicle not mentioned above Rs.25/-

 Note: The Applicant should appear in person at the Regional Transport Office / Unit Office.

  1. Time limit for getting Duplicate Driving License?
           A maximum of 15 Days
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