How to renew licence under the Karnataka Shop and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961

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Process Flow:

  • Pick up form A from the counter and enclose it with the below mentioned documents.
  • Application along with the above mentioned documents should be submitted at the reception which will be further sent to the concerned case worker.
  • This can be scrutinized by the concerned case worker/ Selected Labour Inspection SLI) / labour Inspection (LI).
  • This is followed by Preparation of note in the file.
  • This then follows the Inspection, if necessary, to verify the facts. This might also include hearing the parties, if needed and passing of an Order.
  • Based on the documents and inspection the application will Grant / reject the Certificate

Documents Required

  • A covering Letter (Preferably on a Letter Head)
  • Proof of Fee / Deposit Paid (Original Challan copy).
  • Duly filled in prescribed Application Form-A and Annexures (In Triplicate).
  • Address & ID Proof of proprietor / Partners / Directors / Occupiers /Owners.
  • Rent Agreement / Ownership Deed / Lease Deed.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association and ROC in case of Pvt/Public companies.
  • Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firm.
  • TIN Registration Certificate, if registered.
  • Periodical returns.
  • Declaration regarding non-employment of child labour.
  • Mobile Number / E-mail ID for communication.
  • Authorisation / Power of Attorney Letter (if applicable)

Pre-paid fees minus fees paid as per Schedule-I

Category of Establishment

Fees (Rs.)

Shops & Commercial Establishment having NIL employees



01 – 09 employees


10 – 19 employees



20 – 49 employees



50 – 99 employees


100 – 250 employees



251 – 500 employees



501 – 1000 employees



Above 1000 employees



Time Required/Taken

A maximum of 15 days to consider the application


If the service is not delivered at the specific time frame one should approach as an appeal to the competent officer under the Labour Officer of the concerned jurisdiction. A maximum of 30 days will require for the appeal to be considered.

And if the decision of the competent officer is not accepted or implemented, then one has to make a second appeal to the Appellate Authority under the Assistant Labour Commissioner of concerned Division which will take a maximum of 45 days of wait to get the decision of the Appellate Authority

Whom To Approach

One should first approach the senior labour inspector or the labour inspector who will issue an application.

People who are eligible to apply for the same are Proprietor / Partners / Directors of Shop or Commercial Establishments or a Firm can apply

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