Has Anna lost his way?

Anna Hazare revealed his plans of foraying into politics earlier this week. Team Anna’s decision to create a political alternative for the forthcoming general elections in 2014 could seem as a much needed respite to the citizens of our country. Considering the fact that both the leading political alliances are neck deep under charges of corruption, Anna’s party that is expected to be named ‘Swaraj’ could be a beacon of hope.  

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Political Corruption vs Retail Corruption

Anna's battle might have an impact on big ticket corruption, what we at I Paid a Bribe call "Political Corruption". Do you think it will have an impact on "retail corruption" - the corruption we face in our day-to-day lives?

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Should Anna Hazare join politics?

Should Anna Hazare join politics either by forming his own party or by endorsing candidates he approves of? Tell us what you think!

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Moral values hold more value than money to honest officials

Corruption has been the most talked about issue almost every day with corrupt officials being exposed almost on a daily basis. There have also been a few honest officials who go by certain principles that they have drawn for themselves wishing to choose integrity over money.

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Bribe Spotlight - Passport Process

On I Paid a Bribe we have so far received 1988 reports about bribes paid for Passports! According to Bribe Reports posted on our site

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