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On March 23, 2014 (Sunday) I found a man aged around 20 years, at…

Reported on April 9, 2014 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #40451

On March 23, 2014 (Sunday) I found a man aged around 20 years, at Nerul (w) Railway Station, Navi Mumbai. He was in such a bad condition that he could not even move. His legs were full of ulcer and probably he suffered from gangrene. By passers informed me that he is in the same state since years and has not received any medical treatment.

I immediately arranged for an auto and somehow managed to take him to the emergency unit of nearest hospital i.e. Terena Hospital, Nerul, Navi Mumbai at around 3 PM. The hospital reception told me to take him to government Hospital . Patient was in such a bad state that no one was ready to touch him. After a lot of persuasion, he was admitted in the said hospital at around 5 PM.

I went back to the hospital at around 7:45 PM and found that until that time no treatment was provided to the petition except some dressing of the wound. He was crying in pain. He was not even given analgesic/pain killer to minimise his pain. His cleaning was not done and he was left unattended at one corner bed of the hall.

After lot of hue and cry I could arrange food for him and arrange for his hand wash. I left the hospital at around 9 PM after completing all the necessary documentation.

To my greatest surprise , next day i.e. March 24 at around 5:30 PM I received a phone call from NMMC hospital, Vashi , Navi Mumbai saying that patient names Krishna Sane has been brought to them from Terena Hospital and they wanted to know whether they should admit him there or not.

I contacted Mr. Kiran Sanke of Terena Hospital who is in charge of social welfare wing of the hospital and asked for clarification. He informed me that after basic treatment, the patient was stable and that is why they shifted him to NMMC hospital. He explained that he could not inform me about his discharge, as my phone was not reachable.

I reached Terena Hospital at around 6 PM to collect patient’s discharge papers. After spending two hours I was handed over the papers. A perusal of the papers reveals that the patient was discharged without any treatment merely because he was indigent and could not afford the cost of the hospital.

We were informed by the hospital that Dr. Ashok Jain who is the whole and sole of the Committee, which decides about the category of the Patient, had ordered to discharge the patient as patient was very poor and could not afford the expenses of the hospital and he had made the same remarks on the hospital papers.

As you are aware of that as per the Guidelines of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court with regard to Charitable Hospitals run by trusts, and aided by government, all such hospitals are under obligation to provide free medical treatment to indigent people.

We noticed that in the said hospital, most of the beds, which are meant to be for the treatment of indigent people, were empty and hospital is not providing free treatment rather they are charging exorbitantly for all tests and patients are being forced to buy medicines from outside.

Finally, Krishna , the patient was shifted to NMMC Vashi. After three to four day I received a phone fro NMMC Vashi that they are discharging the patient as advance treatment, which Krishna needed, was not available in the said hospital. I insisted the hospital to refer Krishna to some other hospital rather than discharging him. Finally NMMC agreed to transfer him.

I was informed by NMMC that KM and Sion hospital has refused to admit the patient therefore they are referring Krishna to JJ Hospital. we were informed that we need to accompany Krishna to JJ hospital otherwise it would be impossible for them to convince JJ hospital to admit him as he was an unknown patient. I reached NMMC at 6:45 in the morning to complete the paper work and accompany Krishna to JJ hospital. It took 2 and half hour complete the process. My self and my friend Ranu started for JJ hospital at around 9:15 and reached JJ. Hospital around 10.

Krishna was again denied admission and many excuses were made. We had to fight a lot to make sure that he is admitted. Finally I had to take an off and stay there till the finalization of the process. Krishna was admitted only when I assured them to take care of necessary medical expenses.

After admission I though I won the fight but I was wrong. It has just started. Yesterday Krishna called me using someones mobile and started crying. I contacted hospital and requested to take care of Krishna. Today morning I again got a phone call from Krishna. He told me that hospital is asking him to pay for x-ray charges and bring medicines. He also informed me that doctor has told him that he would be discharged tomorrow as he can not be treated.

I tried to contact social worker of the hospital however, he could not be contacted. Finally I contacted ward No. 18, where Krishna is admitted and requested the concerned person to take care of him. I informed them that I will come on Sunday and take care of the things.

We have all the evidences including audio and video recording with regard to the fact that the said Patient Mr. Krishna Mane was discharged without providing any treatment by Terena Hospital, we also evidenced highly incentive attitude of the hospital staff in JJ hospital. On the one hand doctors and the hospital staffs were busy celebrating World Health Day in the middle of the hospital on loud speakers and music system and on the other hand not only krishna many other poor patients were running here and there looking for some help. This is a real shame.

Today I again contacted Mr. Rahod and Mr. Vishwanathan of Terena Hospital and requested them to take the patient back and treat him and make good of their mistake. Mr. Rathos told me he would revert back in sometime but he did not revert.

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