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Reported on January 18, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #219370

I am an officer of the armed forces and was travelling to Delhi from Bangalore Domestic Airport by Air India. I had some excess baggage due to my official commitment at Delhi and the duration of the stay. Initial the guy at the Air India counter asked me that I will have to pay a huge amount for the same (500 per kg). I asked him if that could be waived off. However at that time a senior person named Mr Prabhu E intervened and spoke something in Kannada to the person at the counter. He then asked me to step aside and to wait in a corner where he would meet me. After about two minutes he met me and told me that I will have to pay the amount. I was surprised that if I had to pay the money then why did he get me aside to speak. He then asked me how much was I ready to pay? I understood that there is something was fishy. I could not comprehend how my extra luggage would be justified if I was agreeing to pay something else. I felt he was asking for bribe and that he would pocket the amount (I was ready to pay) and would allow me the extra luggage. I asked him that was it possible for me to speak to a friend and share my luggage with him. He denied that by saying that there was security issues. I asked him if my friend who had a lesser luggage takes one my luggage as his own then how could there be a security issue? He became furious and became abusive and started speaking something in Kannada which I could not comprehend. He also said now that I had reported to the counter he would not allow my friend to check in one of my bags. TOTALLY ABSURD. Isn't the logic of excess luggage to see that the aeroplane is not overloaded??? After this conversation he became so abusive and insulting even after knowing that I am from the armed forces that it was not possible to continue any conversation. I moved away and paid my for my excess baggage and boarded the flight. I would request that such abusive and corrupt officers should be dealt seriously who are taking the system for a ride just because they have a permanent job.

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