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Reported on April 4, 2018 from Tiruvannamalai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #180794

IN TAMILNADU ,Tiruvannamalai district ,Kannamangalam village.
Chandra and late chinnayan son is Perumal.He is my uncle and he is a daily wages (village servant).He was ready to build a house from the scheme of AMMA HOUSE (Late CM Jayalalitha madam).
Municipal officer from municipal office wants some amount to Pass the Bill.
For the four time they had passed the bill and they want some amount of money (BRIBE) to work to be done as soon.For each bill they wants RS 15,000-20,000 for each officer.
Now he built a house to paid some amount of bribe to officers in their office. My uncle is not a educated person and he is from poorest family .He doesn't know how to compliant.Now he plans to bulit a TOILET from the scheme(PM Narendra modi sir).The government gives RS 8,000 to built a toilet,but the officer wants some amount of bribe(RS 2,000) to sanction your amount.Take immediate action to resolve the poorest crying.
Not only my uncle, the whole village people paid some amount of money for their work done.Then only they passed the bill and work with their file.
Give remedies for poorest people from their bribery officer.

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