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Bribe taken to get Marriage Certificate

Reported on July 2, 2014 from Hubli , Karnataka  ι Report #41780

It is very bad to say we have been asked bribe for our mandatory documents which are free of charge from Indian goverment. Being an indian i felt shame.

Me and my wife went with all documents and photo copy to Hubli Registrar office to get the marriage certificate .
They have asked me to may 60 rupees for document prints which i gave them to the lady typing our details. Than peon came and collected my printed documents and asked me 1200 rupees to get the sub registrar signature as he sr sbub registrar was also involved in this bribe scam.
It is very shamefull after getting so much salary this greedy people end up asking money else they say to come next day when things can be done in an hour time.

I dont which dept do the investigation/vigilance for this people but i am not sure investigation dept keep silent as they too might be corrupt. I have to pay 760 ruppees overall bribe and no receipt given to me about actual govt cost involved.

Hope that shameless sr. sub registrar sitting hubli office have some shame when he is doing such greedy , begging act.
There is a entire staff involved in this bribery including sub registrar. I saw uneducated people end paying more than 2000 rs for Marriage certificate.


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