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Curruption in Parcel Service in Railways Nagpur

Reported on January 9, 2017 from Nagpur , Maharashtra  ι Report #145369

I Was Booking A Parcel to Transport From Nagpur to kanpur, I reached the parcel department at nagpur junction, but there was Lot of agent saying the parcel will not be delivered to your men at kanpur , because he need original booking reciept of your parcel which is here, how can an original reciept the man at kanpur can have? Should i send it by post to him? What a joke this is, but originally reciever only need his I'd or copy of receipt, they said that our another agent at kanpur will do your help, and the clerk and other workers of railways are conjoined in this corruption, How can a common man can strive in this situation. Are we to pay extra amount to agents? Even we giving all the charges in booking?

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