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How I made a Ticket collector Pee in his Pants

Reported on May 3, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32061

Ok, the title is not accurate but still it was close to it and was pure fun. Read on...

I was going to drop my sis to New Delhi railway station so I thought I should get a platform ticket. I went to the counter and it was closed. Bloody government machinery. So i thought, who cares, lets go inside without a ticket. My fault. So I dropped off my sis and was returning and Bam...there was a ticket collector checking for platform tickets. I didn't had one so I thought now I will have to pay the bribe. Hell!!! But a beautiful plan cropped up in my mind. Lets have some fun :D. So things started normally and he asked me 500 as fine. I said I can't pay that so can you adjust and blah blah!! standard bribe talk so he said okay pay 250. I said okay good enough and I paid him. Then I went and stood there for few minutes, about 10 feet away observing him. He got a little uneasy by my behavior. Yes, I was thinking!!! Then after a while I went back to him and said "Okay, now fill the slip legally, give me back the bribe and tell me the amount of fine which I have to pay and also tell me your name. I need a ID to verify your name". And I stood there defiant. I could see his face, it was awesome.He didn't gave his name but I could see his name tag on the shirt and I pointed it repeating his name so that he knows that I know. :D. He started to question why I wanted his name so I made up that I have a relative on Railway Directors board and I will just drop by him to see. By now he was pretty uneasy. He started asking my relative's name, his number, his address and i gave him whatever came to my mind. I even said I don't know his number, I can't remember his full name but gave a address promptly. On of his friend came by and started some small talk so I asked his name too because it seemed they were into that thing together. After listening to my question and the situation, his friend turned and walked away quickly. haha, some friend in need.
So I was back with the collector guy and by now he was scared like hell. He gave me back my 250 and said he will not fine me. I got surprised. I said in a tough voice and pointing a finger at him."That doesn't mean I am not going to take your name. This doesnot save you". He said "its Okay" and turned back and left the post all together. Hahaha. Victoryyyyyyyy. I pocketed my money and walked out like a king who just conquered a Kingdom. I love happy endings...

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