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I saved money for registration of my bike by not going thru agent - Pernem RTO

Reported on June 13, 2017 from Panaji , Goa  ι Report #165093

Goa, Pernem.
As I took the papers to RTO myself to register the bike, On 3 separate visits, I was asked to produce another notarized document from either me or my landlord. The third time, I asked for my papers back and that I would take matter to higher authorities. The secretary must have told her boss this, as after 4-5 hours of waiting and going up and down for signatures, managed to get the registration done. At one point I nearly gave up and was brought to tears at the situation. But I kept my faith, consoled my worried and upset husband (as money was stuck with the dealer and we had no bike for it) and focused on the strength of Lord Ganesha.

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