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I was offered a bribe by a railways employee for a false medical certificate to cover his long leave

Reported on August 9, 2013 from Rewa , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #35332

This happened on a sunday afternoon. Wish i had known about this website then about an year back and may have named the fellow too. I am a privately practicing medical practitioner at Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. My town is not listed hence i have named my closest district of the state in the list. A railways employee offered me Rs. 500/- for a false medical certificate for being able to join his duties. When i enquired why, he said he had had a treatment through a medical store and then went on leave to his ancestral place. It was much longer than 2 weeks that he was on leave and had informed only for 3 days. Hence he needed one to cover his absence.
I asked why did you not go to a doctor when you were ill in the first place, and why a medical store and his reply was careless one, why pay a doctor a fee when i can get the same medicine from a medical store. I REFUSED HIM AND AT THE SAME TIME TOLD HIM, YOU NEED TO GO TO A DOCTOR FOR THIS ONLY AND PAY THAT FEE ALSO BECAUSE HE WILL THEN ISSUE YOU A CERTIFICATE WITHOUT A FEE; AND YOU WILL NOT LOSE DAYS MORE THAN 3 OR 5 AS YOU EXPECTED. EITHER YOUR STORY IS TRUE OR WHOLLY FALSE; BUT YOU HAVE COME TO THE WRONG MAN AND I AM SORRY YOU DO NOT GET IT FROM ME.

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