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On asking my PF,terminated me from job.

Reported on June 3, 2020 from Sidhi , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #222683

I seek to say that,I was working in MS CS Pandey company underAsias maharatna company NTPC Vindhyachal Ltd.since date 17/09/17 to 16/05/20 my job ends due to fighting against M/S C.S Pandey companies curruption and injustice caused to me by not giving my PF of 14 months and hence terminate me from my job on 16/05/20.The Company/Employer did not gave my PF money of 14 Months I.e sep.2017 to Sep.2018 and 1 month of 2019 of which I have full proof and evidences.i requested company CS Pandey and to maharatna company NTPC Vindhyachal Limited many of times of my hard worked PF money of 14 months but he denies all the times and threatened me hence terminate me from the work/job,the reason for my termination was because i complaint there illegal activities to Prime minister office.I also complained in PF head office and PMO for help and justice against curruption but didn't get any assist and support.I Request you by my great confidence to you all and the proud platform to help me by providing my full months of my hard working P.F Money and my needy job to me by performing serious and strict actions against the injustice and corruption caused to me by the company and NTPC Vindhyachal Ltd and hence provide my needy job from which they have terminated me for asking my legal PF money of not given by employer.kindly help me as soon as possible.
Thanking you
Name of the corporation/industry-NTPC Vindhyachal Ltd.HR/CHP
Company-M/S C.S Pandey company
Employer/Contractor-Mr.Dipesh kumar Pandey
Area-CHP Wagon Tippler
Date-of my Termination from job-16/05/2020
Location-CHP NTPC Vindhyachal Ltd. Singrauli M.P
Thanking you

Name-Pushpendra Pandey
M.No- +918770736072

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