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In issuance of passport the most tough thing is police verification,…

Reported on December 14, 2013 from Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #38561

In issuance of passport the most tough thing is police verification, a police come come to my home and ask for the identity and address proof photocopy and one photograph when i give them all the document ,they ask for money like Street beggars, i ask for what they said for the for writing in your file so otherwise munsi and inspector will not give the clear and favourable report i refuse to pay the bribe and said to them i had given the fees in the passport office but they are again forcing me to give the money otherwise you have to come to the Allahabad Dhoomanaganj thana and meet the munsi otherwise he will not forward your file, but i donot care what the hell they write in my file, i i donot get my passport i will show him what i can do against him, i donot go to the thana to meet munsi beacause i have given all the documnet they demanded and i am present during police verification. If i get delay i will ask The Passport Authority why they given they work to such corrupt officer because any terriost will also get the passport by given him money and file clean report because they give money to them, If Passport authority can give the working to TCS than why not they give also the verification process to themself only show that there is no delay in issuing passport to the citizen and this problem is solve

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