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Police refused to put the criminals inside jail who murdered their daughter in law

Reported on July 27, 2019 from Jhansi , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #210902

This is the incident of my neighborhood in Talpura, jhansi. The elder son of the house died in the month of april. After his death, his mother and younger brother tortured his wife so much so that she leave the house hand go to her mother's home. she decided to take her life. Yesterday she hung herself. After that the family thought that they are in trouble so they paid rs2 lakh bribe to to kotwali police station chief and I'm the living proof of that. After that the police didn't thought of giving justice to the poor soul and her crying parents. I just feel shame to be born in this country. Please media help her. She wasn't my anything by blood but she was murdered. In the autopsy report it came out that first she was poisoned then se was suffocated. But police will do nothing. The officer who took the bribe was the police head of the kotwali thana.
The girl who was murdered was Jyoti Raikwar. Date on which she was murdered was 25th July. I live in their neighbourhood and you don't know my name but please also don't disclose that the tip came from neighbourhood.

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