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Post Departement Jabalpur is Not Solving a Complain Until a Complainant got Mental

Reported on February 13, 2017 from Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #152267

Ku Indira Shrivas Of Jabalpur
12.30 Pm
Howbagh Post Office Jabalpur
UP Dak Pal
Dear Sir,My Name is Sheela Khullar I Have Deposited Money in Post Office in 2006 in Mis Scheme In 2010 I Have Gone in Post Office to Break My Mis Acct Post Master IndiraShrivas Said to Me SignHere in Withdrawal Form You will Get Money Tommorrow onNext Day 5.10.2010 when I Gone To Take My Money she Said I Have Already Given You a Cash Of Rs 52050/- but she Has Not Given ,Thn I Have Given Complain In Head Post Office But Dept Has Given a Reply tht already Ku Indira Shrivas Has Given You A Cash Payment Of Rs 52050/- No Action Taken Thn In 2016 My son Again Given The Complain Of My Mis Acct Thn He Said To Dept when there is No rule Of Above 20000/- Cash How she Can Give 52050/- Cash SSP Jabalpur Said Tht For tht We are Giving a Charge sheet To Ku Indira Shrivas But I Said Wht abt My Money Dept Said tht I Dont Know Ku Indira Shrivas in His statement Said Tht Bimari Ki Halat Ko Dekhkar Indira shrivas ne Sheela Khullar Ko Nagad diya Tha 52050/- But This is All False She is Doing with All Clients Giving Cash All Payment Because She is Getting Bribery in Cash The Rule Of Departement Of Post comes in 2008 tht Above 20000/- She Has To Make Cheque My son Has Seen From Own Eyes 100-400 Accts in Which Ku Indira Shrivas Has Given Cash Payment
Why she is Doing This Because From Dept she is Taking different Amt And to Depositor she is Giving different Amt .Already we Have Put One Rti Tht Ku Indira Shrivas How Many times Gotr Chargesheet in Previous Reply is 5 times Already she got Chargesheet in Previous
Thn also Departement Dept Of Post Jabalpur is Not Dismissing to Her From the Service
Last 8 Months already Completed On My complain

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