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Report of Illegal Recruitment of Staff at Doordarshan News, Bhopal

Reported on April 29, 2020 from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #222157

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

I want to report the irregularities in the recruitment process of contractual employees at DD News, Regional News Unit, Doordarshan Kendra Bhopal.
Contractual employees are appointed illegally by higher officers by abusing power and position at Regional News Unit (RNU), Doordarshan Kendra, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh without following the recruitment process of Prasar Bharati.
Vacancy for 13 Contractual staff for 8 positions at Regional News Unit Bhopal Doordarshan was published on 23/01/2014 (Copy Attached). Result was announced on 04/03/2014 on DD Bhopal website. No waiting list was published.
All candidate except Shoukat Khan (Library Assistant) did not join. All joining were finished in month. However, the position of Library Assistant kept vacant for 6-7 months as the person who was selected did not join.
After 6-7 months in 2014, Mr Rajeev Jain took charge as Director of RNU Bhopal. He without following recruitment process of Prasar Bharati, appointed a candidate named Shri Md Israil Khan on the position of Library Assistant. He was not selected in final result list (attached) published in March 2014. And there was no waiting list published. Shri Md Israil Khan was recruited and given appointment by Shri Rajeev Jain illegally after 6-7 months when recruitment process was finished. No public notice, announcement and circular was published in Prasar Bharti/ DD Bhopal Website about this illegal recruitment.
This candidate was also given appraisal (Attached) by the same official without even completing one year along with other candidates.
This is sheer misuse of power and positing, undermining the process of recruitment of contractual staff under Prasar Bharti guidelines.
This unfair and partial behavior by senior officials destroyed career of qualified and hardworking candidates and prevailed an environment of dissatisfaction and harassment of employees.
I have also been harassed by the officials at Doordarshan, and intimidated indirectly to not expose the matter.
I request you to look into the matter and take necessary action against responsible officials involved in recruitment scam in DD News Bhopal.

I have all the documents to support the complaint. I will share when needed.

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