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Suffered/Fought rather than paying bribe

Reported on March 7, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32455

I was asked to pay Rs. 3500/- for endorsement of CNG Kit on RC at ********** Puri Authority, New Delhi. I refused and decided to process the case myself. As i knew they will raise objection about incomplete papers despite having the complete file. I carried the newspaper cutting published by the Transport department for the papers required for the endorsement of CNG kit. After initial resistance clark accpted the papers after showing the newspaper cutting but when I visited again to get my new RC. Same objection was raised in my file. I was shocked that despite showing the newspaper cutting they were demanding the additonal document. I decided to not cave in and though with some more visits to the authority and meeting the senior official, i got my RC endoresed without paying any bribe

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