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TC asked for bribe supposing I am without platform ticket

Reported on October 1, 2013 from Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #36538

I was a student at IIIT-Allahabad, and as I have given my CPU unit for repair at
civil lines so I have to go through railway foot over bridge to cross from one side to other.

But in the time that I specified the foot over bridge was under repair so only option left was to use railway platform transfer bridge or travel 2 km to reach other side.

I took my CPU unit and was travelling back when the TC asked me for ticket at railway station exit gate I said I am just coming from other side and as foot over bridge is under repair so only option that I have is to use this one.

He smiled and said he don't know how you should come to this side you are without ticket and
you may be coming from a train I can put a fine of 500 plus 2000 as penalty.

I said I have college I card too and bill of shop that shows I just collected it half an hour back today.

He said ok ok give 200 and go, then I put my hand inside the pocket and showed him the platform ticket that I have purchased from other side before entering .

He shouted in anger what the joke you are doing if you had ticket then why you didn't showed it before.

Then I smiled and said I just wanted to know if the foot over bridge is under repair then can I use this railway platform bridge or not and how much it can cost .

As I was student he didn't argued more and let me go.

But I think this may have made many to pay bribe to TC in time interval of 6 months.

So never give any opportunity by doing silly mistake that can give chance to some one else to take benefit of you :)

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