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Tte harrasing the illiterate people traving in howrah ahmedabad exp in general coach

Reported on October 13, 2016 from Bharuch , Gujarat  ι Report #128513

Myself Abdul Khalique
I stay in Bharuch and work in Vadodara and normally I travel in Gujarat exp but today guj exp is expecting late and by luck I got howrah ahmedabad exp this train is supposed to arrive in bharuch at 10 am something but bcoz its late so howrah exp arrived at 11.30 and got in the general compartment though its illegal to travel in super fast train with monthly pass so a TTE came and asked the ticket I showed him he asked 320 I paid it and after a while he capugt 2 3 popel more but jist he took 50 rs each and left those 3 without any receipt and this TTe doesnt even had a batch on his shirt and was acting like a goon, his appearance was something like this a big tummy and less hair on his head I guess he is doing it daily in this same train. If some vigilant guys will try they can catch him easily they may grab him unless they wont accept the bribe

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