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TTE is taking bribe

Reported on June 30, 2014 from Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #41719

I have a live video in which TTE of train 12427 travling between REWA ANVT to Anand Vihar Terminal , The TTE was openly taking bribe from passenger with wating list to confirm their seat , where people with RAC quota were not allowed to seat on the seat and were denied from any help to them , even when we argued with him , he openly told that the whole department is based on bribe and you are paying me this bribe because I have to give to bribe to the others also and what i have given while joining this job , i have to recover that also from the common people,
these person are disgusting to the nation and action should be taken against them as soon as possible , A TTE should not be allowed to carry hard cash with him until he is in the train premises this could result that he have to find other way to carry the bribe out of the train(this is one option that can be taken into account) ,
I have a live video which is showing the TTE taking bribe in train and people are who want probe wan contect to me i can send the the video or there should be a blog to upload such videos to.

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