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Convenience fee of INR 50,000 to get 80g certificate for a public charitable trust

Reported on October 6, 2012 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #34133

Hailing from a rural background and connected to those living far from 'Shining' India, I planned to initiate some charity work in my village thru Public Charitable Trust settled by me. For initial years, I am committing my own funds of greater than Rs 2 Lakh and do not wish to be dependent upon any government or private aid but definitely interested in saving my own tax so that I can add more funds to charity. Trust deed writer has told me that a convenience fee of Rs. 50,000 will be required for income tax exemption certificate-80g. This is a major part of fund I parked for rural students. I don't want to pay this 'Convenience fee'. Is there any suggestion?

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