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To pass a loan from bank paid 10% of the loan amount as commission to he bank manager

Reported on March 7, 2012 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32870

I got a call at the office - 'hello, this is the IT officer, please visit regarding your IT return'. I asked friends and colleagues: some said hire an accountant, some said pay him money - no one told me the visit would be hassle free! I kept 500bucks in an envelope in my pocket; I will not offer money; I might pay if I am asked for money - I had a simple salary return and did not know why the ITO wished to see me.
At the IT office, it was easy to find the ITO and to get into his room. He took out my return and told me that I had claimed an allowance wrongly. I told him that I had prepared the return myself, the mistake was mine, and what should I do now? He said if he corrected the return he would have to fine me; then he passed it across and told me to make the change. I made the change, reduced my refund claim and passed it back. Shook hands with the ITO, thanked him and left with the envelop still in my pocket.
Happy ending!

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