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Residential plan approval

Reported on July 7, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #166136

I'm put up in kammasandra, my site is BMRDA approved and to apply for residential building plan appproval, i need to get permission from Anekal town planning and also from CMC hebbagodi. My file was pending for more than 4 months in CMC hebbagodi by junior engineer paramesh and after N number of follow ups and pressure from local person, they forwarded it to Anekal town planning authority. After that i personally visited the Anekal town planning office and sought an appointment with JD Durga prasad sir. Oh man , of my 2 years interaction with govt folks for various approvals from tax--katha ---passport, never saw a person like Durga prasad, a person of great dignity and humility. He saw my file, pointed some corrections and asked me to get them rectified. I got them rectified the next day and he singed the file the same day. He spoke to me for 30 mins and explained me the other process and what is he trying to do at his office. After interacting with him, there is i felt that there is still hope left for citizens because of such honest officers. There is more to it on negative side of what i went through to get my building plan approved for 6 months from officers (fit for nothing fellas)at CMC hebbagodi .

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