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Balaji Medows/SVS Home City beside BSF SST School - Land purchase Scam

Reported on August 8, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #223913


SVS Home City and Balaji Medows layout opposite to Engineers Enclave Apartment BSF Signal Training School Bagalur road Yalhanka is the land which is under stay order due to land owner and layout developer conflicts.

People purchased plot paying high site rate up to 3500 per square feet and registered by paying 1 Lakh rupees bribe without valid E or Punchayat khata.

When building construction started all Gundas coming in and threatening plot owners to stop construction as land is still in court and there is conflict between land owner and GPA holder. Also forcing owners to report to police station very often.

Most of the sites are purchased and now plot owners trying to resell just to come out of this conflict finding new victim to purchase resale site with higher price.

We as a group of social workers in Yalhanka Area keeping very clear observation on the illegal layouts and want to bring this to the notice of Government to save people who want to invest hard earned savings in to this scam of plots.

Two layouts SVS home city and Balaji Medows are in the same survey number and in same compound and a big big big scam which is playing with life time savings of innocent people.

Few banks are giving home loans also accepting 5% to 10% bribe from the loan sanctioned amount and pushing innocent people towards this scam.

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