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Reported on February 28, 2018 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #179285

Respected people who ever is going to read this I strongly wish to say that I have not only lost faith in this system but I have lost faith in
I had approached PANVEL RTO recently on TUESDAY,
27th February 2018. I had a very simple job to perform i.e I needed to just change the ADDRESS IN MY DRIVING LICENSE. The RTO never greets people directly. It badly demands AGENTS to get the work done for themselves. The Panvel RTO never ever entertain any COMMON MAN.

Let's come to the moot point.
1] The official cost of change of address comes out to be Rs 362.99
Let me show you the breakup
Postal Charges is Rs 50
Form-7 Fee is Rs 112.99
Change DL ADDR. is Rs 200.00

The OFFICIAL total comes out to be Rs 362.99.

2] Now, from here the process of BRIBERY begins.
Let me explain. As soon as one enters the PANVEL RTO,the way towards the CANTEEN one can find that AGENTS only bulldoze the way towards meeting officials of PANVEL RTO. Literally the space of GOVERNMENT OFFICE is being managed by round about 30-35 AGENTS. SHAME ON RTO

3] I was told to meet the AGENT after that there was a form for change of ADDRESS where even the brisk pages were OVERLY CHARGED by an XEROX OPERATOR who presumably had studied the RTO bribegate. He took Rs 5 per page where actually per page cost is just Re 1. Well, I only had filled both the form.

4] Now the agent took 4 hours, kept me waiting in a overcrowded room then to return to me to give me the receipt copy from PANVEL RTO where the cost mentioned was given above.

5] The AGENT took a WHOPPING AMOUNT of Rs 900. He was a very adamant man. He had no RESPECT for INDIANS. The difference of amount comes out to be Rs 537. Well the amount is of RS 537 which is the BRIBE AMOUNT. The cost is more than ACTUAL OFFICIAL AMOUNT OF RS 363.

6] Let's work out the percentage of BRIBE. The amount profits to be 147%. It is termed as IMMORAL PROFITEERING. Meanwhile when I was travelling back home I was CALCULATING how much money does this PANVEL RTO is making per day from all COMMON PEOPLE on daily basis.
I think so it comes out to be Rs 1,00,000-1,50,000 from all 35 AGENTS based on all other transport related jobs like issuances of permits, getting number plates, registration & so on & so forth.

7] I really wished if I had any other respiratory backup system which fundamentally does not take oxygen & gases which are prevalent in planet Mars I would have settled there itself. But still one feels to respect 'CONSTITUTION OF INDIA' based on the fact there exist an India for VVIP's & different for honest Indians then I refuse to respect.

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