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Bribe for passport

Reported on April 19, 2018 from Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #181476

I just want to say in India money is the God and none can't free from it . If I'm a Muslim that's haram but Muslims also asking for the money but in Hindus that's a worship if I'll give a kick i may have to pay more . The police department is the most corrupted in India and everyone knows very well. If someone from privilege community he can do anything. But for the general nobody can do anything. Now a days the world is on online system then why corrupt police wala is coming to just take his bribe. Our every officer is corrupt less than 3-5%are honest. I had filled my passport application and submitted all the supporting documents on 27 March at XXX. But it is showing just " your passport application and supporting documents has submitted now today is 19/04/1/2018. Can anyone honest man tell me what should I do. Please help me if anyone honest I'm not asking from Corrupt police and his family members. If someone gets hurt from me , so they must have to be a honest not get angry.ok assalamualaikum. XXXXX

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