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Recently wehad been to goa with my friends and were coming back…

Reported on October 17, 2014 from Karwar , Karnataka  ι Report #45470

Recently wehad been to goa with my friends and were coming back to Bangalore on 16aug14. In karwar a traffic police stopped us by seeing the Bangalore registration around 19 hrs .Police asked our driver for dl. Rc book. Emiision .white dress etc. Everything was in order this went about 20-30 mnts.when police found all documents in order he peeped inside vehicle and asked us are u carrying alcohol? We told yes since we had legal permit for 4 bottles endorsed by excise. And I asked the police is it duty of traffic police to check inside bag. Or driver with alcohol influence this pissed off the police.The police sman started his language . Will seize vehicke, book vehicle on other cases also. Since we were travelling on hired vehicle our driver toldto pay some amount to him. And also on the way one of our friend grand father was expired we didt want to argue more. Bases on the situation I asked the police .ok pls let meknow hiw much wr should pay, he started telling if I book the vehicle and seize it eill be 10k. Finally after another 30 mnts request he came down to 1k. Finally we paid a bribe of rs.300 and 13 members including police wasted 1 hour of young indian timemy simple question is many times after office hours while travellig traffic police stops me for drink and drive check. I always smile them and tell I have not drunk but I am carrying. Will go home and consume. For that they usef to tell very good my friend. Same traffic police two different approach? Shame on certain traffic police. But I respect police who are prompt but not this police (name of the traffic not seen properly. Might be thomas)

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