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Bribe to Railway Ticket Checker (TC)

Reported on November 30, 2010 from Bhusaval , Maharashtra  ι Report #29653

I paid Rs.50.00 to ticket checker while Journey Bhusaval to Malkapur train No 2105 coach no S-2 with my spouce and Two small Kids(7 Yrs & 4 Yrs). In spite of I hold valid Sleeper ticket. I paid bribe to on duty TC for short Journey (50KM) at Night 3:00 AM.I am not worry about it ,but in same coach another Family who was unable to pay Bribe Rs.2000/-for Manmad to Akola Journey (Ticket No ******* and ******* ) having General Ticket was lifted to MALKAPUR Station with His 8 members(5- ladies,4 small kids) at night 3:55 AM
My contact No. is *******

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