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Bribed almost all the babus to pass my Demand of 5lakhs only

Reported on February 26, 2017 from Guwahati , Assam  ι Report #154995

Starting from the DAK issue(500/-),then Computer(500/-) then the Dealing assistant(1000/-) then the UDA(Boro Babu)(2000/-) followed by the Planning division Head clerk (2000/-) then SDO(1000/-) then Executive Engineer(P)(2000/-) followed by the Superintendent Engineer(P)(0.00/-) back to the dealing clerk(100/- for zerox) I had to pay a total of around 10600/- out of my pocket else they would not process my demand bill for construction of public road at a remote place in Assam.
Later after a fight/rape of three days my demand was processed and sent to Block-B of Assam Secretariat where the scenario was even worse. The dak issue registrar demands 1000/- just for making entry of the demand followed by the UDA(2000/-) then the Deputy Secretary (4000/-) after this the computer operator receives the Note sheets & on a pre drafted format on excel sheets just alters the name of the work , amount & head and then he charges 1000/-,Later the dealing assistant processes the file & charges around 2000-4000 depending upon the amount of the Demand bill. I was charges 2000/- for 5lacs.After all these the file reaches the Secretary to the Minister. Hand to hand ,table to tables. Every peon attached to every tables have to be paid 100-200 each time they carry the file to another table. Some even charge 100/- to get a photocopy of a page because there is no provision for making photocopies inside the secretariat. Such is the plight of ALL the contractors in PWD & Secretariat & then the general mass complains about the sub-standard & incomplete works. Why will a contractor pay these huge bribes out of his pockets? instead he will make compromises with the work & make some savings to fulfil the table expenditures of all the babus in the concerned deptt. I bet if ED or Vigilance snoops in the B-block of the Secretariat & checks the pockets & drawers of each & every Babus then they can confiscate almost 2-4lakhs everyday (during peak time) before any payment/ceilings.But alas no one dares to do so rather can adjust with the system.

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