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Carrying liquor bought from goa

Reported on June 8, 2014 from Karwar , Karnataka  ι Report #41337

Wr were 4 adults in a car. Not avid boozers but wanted to carry something for relatives back home in kerala. We had 3 bottles of vodka. The shop keeper in goa told us that it is in permitted limit and a permit is not required. But at the goa border near canacona they demanded 300 rs bribe and we had to give. Our story fell into deaf ears. Then we crossed into karnataka where we were stopped by karnataka excise. We were honest. We said we have 3 bottles. They demanded 1000 rs. We said we shall break the bottles. They threatened us that if we do that they will cease the vehicle. So we had to give 1000 rs bribe. Then we asked for a reciept to show at other checkings. They told us to escape before framing another case. Pure case of misuse of power. A policeman who was watching all this took 50 rs from us for entering karnataka! We are complaining to excise officials in panjum, bangalore ans also to honourable prime minister.

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