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Reported on July 10, 2019 from Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #209875

CORRUPT POLICE OFFICE YOGENDER SINGH (9756100073) AUDIO TAPE IN WHICH HE IS ASKING 1 LAC FROM US AND ALSO ASKING 50 THOUSANDS FROM SOME OTHER PARTY ON MOBILE PHONE FOR SETTLEMENT CASE: FIR was registered on 13/April/2019. But IO Yogender Singh never called me or tried to contact me for investigation. I tried to request him to considered my evidence which are very important to prove me innocent. I entered request on many available plateform so that Central Goverment or Uttar Pradesh Government help me to prove myself innocent. I request on Jansnwai App three times, on Prime Mister Grievance portal, on HRCnet, President Sec Grievance. I emailed to SSP Aligarh, DIG and DGP etc. for getting help to instruct Yogendra Sigh to include my evidances. At last I personally meet Yogender Singh and tried to show him all my evidence on 15/June/2019. He told me that he was under pressure to complete charge sheet with 498A, 323 and 313. That is why he did not called me. He instructed me to come with proper file of evidances and CD with all video, audio and call recording with one lac rupees. I told him that my evidences are geneune and need only verification in investigation. But he told me that he will not include anything from my evidance. I again reached with all evidnace as asked by Yogender singh on 20/June/2019. His colleage took me to a dark big hall which is at the right side of Police Station Jawan Aligarh. There he asked me one lacs rupees immeadiately to accept my evidance and He locked us inside that hall and gives us 15 minutes to decide. We all three I and two more other person, one realtive and other one is relative friend, was affaraid so we all decide to leave that place as soon as possible. But he did not allow us to leave the place. Then my relative ask Yogender Singh that allow him to go out to nearby friend to arrange money. Then he allow only my raltive to go out and return with money. My relative comes with some money. After few minutes Yogendra came back in hall and asked for money. Meanwhile I switched on my mobile recorder to record the incident. We told him that we can not arrange money in such a short notice. We told him that we arranged only 50 thousand rupees. We are affraid so we have to promise him that we will arrange more and provide the same soon. Then he got ready to see my evidances. I showed him evidance and fact points loudly to make him under stood that each line in FIR is fake. He listened all my facts and confirmed me that all my evidance are sufficient to remove 313 IPC. But he also accepted that he will not remove my brother and his wife name from case as he was under pressure to make charge sheet with all IPC sections for all three names. I showed him all evidence which proved that my brother lives in Dehradun in his home and I visited to my brother home in Dehradun only thrice in 13 years with my wife and daughter. I sent one video on his whatsapp in which my mother-in-law was saying that she made false complaint to force me to withdraw divocre case. Also I sent call recording on Yogendra Singh Whatsapp number of my mother-in-law in which see was accepting that my wife was having wrong relationship with other men. Mean while one call of Yogensh Bhai came on Yogendra mobile and Yogendra talk to him regarding some one case and saying him that he will file theaft case againt him. Yogesh Bhai told him something, then yogendra told him to fix the deal with 50 (thousand). After few days I tried to complaint the same incident in SSP Aligarh office but failed to disclose because Yogendra was standing there. He is corrupt police officer. Please help and transfer my case to some other Police Station. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AUDIO TAPE FROM BELOW LINK. AUDIO IS VERY CLEAR BUT NEED HEAD PHONE TO LISTEN. IT IS LENTHY BUT HAVE ALL DETAILS MENTIONED ABOVE:


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