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For electric connections miyanwala Dehradun Uttrakhand

Reported on January 4, 2017 from Dehradun , Uttarakhand  ι Report #144402

I went to office of electricity miyanwala Dehradun there was girl in office I asked that file is there she show me bunch I recognized the one which belong to tauji . Girl said it's not be signed sir is not present today come tomorrow, I went again again she said sir is on site he is not here come next day I talked what to if he is not present tomorrow she gave me no of this person call him before coming the number of c r purohit next day I call him he said I am coming in office you come, I went there he was on mobile talking with bjp leader for there work then came to office saw my file and instantly ask where is this man I said he is not here so he ask what he do I said government employee ok while seeing file he said sighen are not matching he has to come I was like what a man is that he is inspecting machine sighen is not right .I said I don't know this work is alloted to me . He said sorry I came out .after some time a man came to me I will make it done don't worry you have to pay 8000 I was like what to do as earlier tauji son said to me if they will not do work give them some baksees without it they won't work .so I take this man number and negotiate at 7500 . As he said it goes to 3 _4 people to head in office to engineer and line man also . This what reality is no end of corruption in our country BJP is just faking both are same Congress and BJP. And ya that girl was also very smart when I came out that man quickly call her they all involve they show sympathy but they have there own share. That man take bribe name was Narender his no was 9412914699 . His boss c r purohit 9412075943

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