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Had to pay bribe for land partition.

Reported on October 5, 2019 from Dibrugarh , Assam  ι Report #214752

I had to pay a bribe to the mandal (land surveyor), also known as lekpal in some states. The land and revenue office is the most corrupt department here in dibrugarh. Apparently corruption is the norm here. We had to go through a lawyer who acted as a dalal. We paid about 20,000 to the lawyer. Besides that every time the mandal came for survey we had to pay 2,000 each time. Everything happens with the full knowledge of the circle officer Tarali Das. Although she doesn't ask for bribe directly she indirectly gets her share from the mandals and she would delay the process if nothing is paid. To get proof of corruption one should just look at the property amassed by even a low level employee such as a mandal.

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