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Harassed and asked bribe to allow beer cans at checkpost

Reported on December 31, 2019 from Pondicherry , Pondicherry  ι Report #218670

Date of the incident: 29th December 2019
Time of incident: Around 8 PM in the evening
Place of incident: ECR road, Pondicherry to Tamil Nadu check post.

While driving back from Pondicherry to our stay near ECR road, we (4 people in the car) took 8 beer cans of 500 ml each. At the checkpost (just 100mtrs before our lodge) police stopped us, started checking the vehicle. We voluntarily declared the beer quantity and handed over to them.
They asked us to pay Rs 4200 and go else, they will create a case on us and arrest us, seize the vehicle. Since we took the vehicle from self drive agency, we really wanted come out of this. We apologise to them as we weren't aware of the border lines between the states. Requested them to dispose the beers and let us go. My 5 year old daughter was crying seeing the officers are not allowing me to leave. Nothing was fruitful and we literally beg them to leave us. Language was a big barrier as we don't know tamil and none of the officers understand English/hindi properly. Somehow a communication happened and I had to show them the account balance online as I didn't have that much cash with me. Finally, the officer agreed to leave us with a cost of Rs 500 and 4 beer cans.
We noticed at the same time, 4 college students from chennai were also got caught with a bag full of Liquors. The officer was very casual to them and also denied money from them even though they offered him 200 rupees. They may be from families where the indian law does not get applied easily. I understand that.
We can't speak tamil or pondi language.. Is this what you are angry on us? Is this what you discriminate us? Don't you ruin the future of your own students in the name of partiality??

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