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I had gone to Hebbagodi City Municipal on 12th of Jan(i would like…

Reported on November 4, 2023 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #232414

I had gone to Hebbagodi City Municipal on 12th of Jan(i would like to keep this date wrong to avoid identity tracing back in the CMC) for khata transfer from co-owner(me and my father) to my name.When i checked with the Computer Operator (Shaila).She mentioned that, she will give all my documents to concerned officer with a note to the officer and the officer from revenue dept. will take care of the things and i will get the ekhata within few days BUT I WILL HAVE TO PAY SOME AMOUNT she mentioned. When i asked how much is the amount she mentioned it will cost of 8K. i asked her will i get any receipt for the same (just to check if it was bribe) She mentioned that, i wont be getting any receipt for the same indicating upfront that, its a bribe. For now i have declined the payment and don't know how to proceed ahead. This also indicates that, few revenue dept people are also involved in this bribe racket
I checked with apartment people looks like they have paid 15k to agent to get this done. This is the plight of common man in bangalore where our PM asks us to take pledge against corruption . as an honest tax payer we pay most of our earnings to govt to provide salary to such miscreants and then we have to pay extra over the from our own pocket(which is also taxed) to such people .

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