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I paid bribe to Mr Nagaraj Dodamani, for New House construction and Tax papers

Reported on March 20, 2014 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #40153

This is one of the pathetic experience of my life. I was not aware about the process of filling the application for getting the first time tax papers from Munciple corporation. I had asked many people about this process, but no one told me in clear. I went to office and started my enquiry, I was advised to meet Mr Nagaraj Dodamani who is the Clerk for the Zonal Area 1A, Makadwala Plot, where my house is built. After some days, I met him, and asked for the next process. He showed some Tax breakup value of around 8000 Rs and 8000 Rs as Bribe to get the work done. I submitted my application in October 2013. After enquiring about this bribe amount to neighbours, I was told to pay only 1500 and not more than that. I somehow agreed to pay 3000 Rs Bribe and paid 10000 to Mr Nagaraj Dodamani, which includes 8000Rs as Tax amount and 2000 Rs as advance bribe amount and pending 1000Rs to be given after work is done. At starting he prepared one BOND paper which said that I am owning this land and I am responsible person for future consequences, etc etc.. I signed on it, and gave it Mr Nagaraj. He said the work will be done within 15 days. Everytime whenever I used to go, he would say, come next week. This happened till January 2014. I didnt get any acknowledge also after asking him. Instead he would say, I wil get it done, don't worry. The house warming ceremony was on Feb 13th 2014. So i wanted the Tax recipt for New Water Connection, So i pleasded him by going everyday, as I was on leave for one week regarding the Construction work. On one certain day he gave me the Tax papers with amount 3780Rs. He didnt give me the Property of Registration paper and UTAAR paper. I took only that Tax paper to get new connection. Their also the same situation, nothing happended without bribe. Till now I didnt recieve the Proper TAX papers and registration paper. I complained to Mr Veerabasappa Gudiyavar (Assistant Commissioner) regarding this in Feb 2013, "AC" scolded to get that work done immediately to Nagaraj. But nothing happened till Mar 20 2014. I have scolded Mr Nagaraj to return my money back which is around 6200 Rs. Have to see now what happens when I go Office on 22 Mar 2014. I am going to fight with him (Hit/Thrash). Hope this is the only source now to get this person right on his JOB.. Please guide if you feel so..

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