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Malkpur village patwari from Ludhiana asked bribe from my brother

Reported on July 15, 2019 from Ludhiana , Punjab  ι Report #210156

I got some land in village malakpur inherited from my father in Ludhiana in my name transferred to my brother recently. When my brother went to get mutation done in records from patwari asked him for rs 10000. My brother refused. Then he said he would do the same work for rs 5000. My brother refused and came back home. As my brother is a farmer and I am not married and my father has died, we don't have enough time or money to pursue this legally and may now have to wait till the concerned patwari is transferred somewhere else and maybe a more honest person comes in his place. Hoping somebody conducts an investigation into corruption of patwaris in punjab as from what I came to know is that almost no work is done in these offices without bribe. Most people like my family don't have resources to fight these greedy people.

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