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Pay more than 10 Lac Bribe for procuring an Admission in HR @ XISS, Ranchi

Reported on March 28, 2018 from Ranchi , Jharkhand  ι Report #180490

Sir , To take an admission in an XXXX.in One student's parent has to pay more than Rs.1000000.00 (Rupees ten Lakhs Only) Bribe to a mediator namely XXXXX Now how does a meritorious student from a middle class family secure an admission when part of seats are reserved under reservation schemes and the rest with such mediators. Sir this is a private institution owned my renowned XXXX and we students dream of studying there but under such circumstances and even after securing grades much above the desired grades, how do we secure an admission if we belong to middle class family whose parents have been earning their bread honestly all their life and cannot affair to pay such a huge amount as bribe.

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