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Property Tax receipt not generated for online payment

Reported on December 2, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #193811

Property Tax receipt did not generated for online payment paid on 2nd November through online payment the website was reporting validity expired for payment made online. The bank officials confirmed it was successful transaction. Complaint was registered to ARO office on 19th November in ward 143 BBMP office in JC Road. The job was assigned to Govindraju revenue inspector phone number +919071382908. Govindraju took 11 days to get our job done. He took me to head office of Joint Commissioner office and there he demanded 1000 rupees in the corridor for the job to be done and said higher officials are demanding for receipt generation. After taking money on 1st December around 1 pm had to wait for 1 hour to get receipt print. The Govindraju took signature and also the acknowledgement of letter submission to eliminate all evidence of applied paper work and letters. These officers are playing with written documents and paper works and erase them all for their safe gaurd. They are luring people for money even they are paid good salaries from Government. They ensure that no proofs remains for them to be caught. They also tear all papers or burn them or say it's lost in case they want people to suffer indicating no complaints or you file does not exist all this kind of games they play with people in BBMP office. With this letter Iike to Bring to the world that these corrupt officers need to be taught lesson. So that ordinary people should not be cheated.

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