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RTO corruption

Reported on May 4, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #205301

I had my driving licence test today at Electronic city RTO Bangalore. Without bribing to the agents there, we can't get the licence easily. Even the person who was giving challan took the bribe. Upon asking him strongly he gave the money back. The agents there help the candidates in passing the test. Candidates who have never touched a 4 wheeler also can easily get the licence by bribing. If you have bribed then you can bypass the huge queue and get the things done on time. Otherwise you have to wait till all the bribed ones finish their test. In the queue also, in between the agents will come with 100 applications from their driving school, stand beside the government officials and get it done where as for normal people there's no privilege of standing next to the official , they have to wait until all agents have finished!!! For 2 wheeler test, people were leaving their legs throughout and still passed the test by bribing!! It was horrible to see how the corruption is engraved in the RTO office.

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