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Sadist government employee

Reported on May 7, 2018 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #182268

The issue Is related to post graduation scholarship. It was 2 year PG course. first year I received full scholarship amount. second year I did not got any amount. when I approached college authorities they pointed the mistake towards government scholar ship department. The journey to revolve around government offices started here. Nampally office to khairatabad office next here and next there. atlast after 1 year of revolve I stoped near SHREEHARI scholarship department near nampally exhibition grounds. This person don't tell what problem caused stop my scholarship. only says it will happen in next month. this was his dialogue for years. I finally asked him do you want bribe. NO he neither takes bribe and does my work nor denie. just students like me to revolve around him. I deserive the scholarship according to my financial background. but nothing happens in this government offices. governments chance on words. this govt employees does no work.

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