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Traffic police man threatened me to suspend my Driving License

Reported on January 22, 2019 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #197224

Police man stopped me saying that he saw mobile in my hand while driving . He was lying as the phone was in my front pocket of my shirt and not in my hand. He asked me for my ATM and driving license to swipe the card for challan . I did not argeued him as I was in hurry and given my atm and DL. He wiped the card and retunred my atm but he kept my Driving License and said that he will suspend my DL. He said that you will get it through Court. I said I have given fine then why are you suspending my DL. I argued him for 5 mins and then later he said okay give me Rs. 300 and go .I was in tensed as I had already paid fine and still he is adking me for bribe. He tried to show me his police giri and then later I agreed to pay him rs. 100. He kept those Rs 100 and returned my DL. I dont know why he was suspending my DL even I had paid fine on the spot.He taken bribe. Details of my challan are given below :
MID : 42MS00000318646 TID : 42302542 Invoice no : 100000207026253 Ref No : MSWIPE19011901835564.

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