How to get Approval of Building Plan in NOIDA

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Instructions for Sanction and Approval of Building Plans

Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority has empowered the Architects registered with the Council of Architecture (COA) for Sanction/ Approval of Building Plans/ Occupancy Certificate on individual residential plots allotted by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority on the following terms and conditions:


For Building Plan Approval on residential plot other than group housing:

1. The Building Plan prepared and signed by the Architect, registered with COA, when submitted shall be deemed as sanctioned. At the time of submission of building plan following documents need to be submitted.


(i) Declaration on Rs.10/- stamp paper duly signed by the Architect stating that the Building Plan submitted by him/ her is in accordance with the Zonal Plan and building Regulations/ Directions applicable from time to time of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority.

(ii) Documents as listed in checklist A of Appendix-1 in Building Regulation 2002 with drawings, with declaration and signed.


2. In case of revision of building plan in addition to all above mentioned documents revision fees and original plan to be also submitted.


3. On submission of the aforesaid papers at the Customer Relation Cell a receipt shall be given. The receipt shall be deemed as sanction letter.


4. If at the time of scrutiny by the Authority (within one month of submission of drawings) any mistake is found, architect signing the drawings shall be held responsible for the same.


5. Indemnity bond on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly notarised indemnitying that construction shall be as per GNIDA bylaws, Directions all as amended upto date and all other stipulation and requirements by the Authority from time to time by Architect & applicant.


6. Checklist for approval duly filled.

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