How to Procure a 7/12 Extract in Pune

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About the 7/12 extract:

  • The 7/12 extract refers to the records of land rights and also known as Satbara Utara in Maharashtra.
  • This is an extract from the land register maintained by the revenue department of the Maharashtra government. The extract gives information of the survey number of the land, the name of the land owner and its cultivator, the area of the land, the type of cultivation (irrigated or rain fed) and even mentions the crops planted in the previous cultivating season.
  • All entries include changes to the ownership, changes to original measurements, plot partition, loans against the land and pending litigation among others. In case a land is acquired by the government for civil projects, owner as per Satbara is given compensation.
  • It is the purchaser's responsibility to have his/her name recorded on Satbara as the new owner of the land.

Process Involved in procuring the document:

  • Once a land gets registered as belonging to a land owner, the entry on the ownership is made into the land register.
  • Talati office of respective village maintains the Satbara records.
  • One can even pay the official fee to obtain official copy of the Satbara, hence the term “Satbara Extract” or “Satbara Utara” (Utara is Marathi word for copying from other source) is used.
  • Anybody can obtain copy of the Satbara under the Right to Information Act.

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