How to Register a Sale Deed

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The stamp duty is levied as follows:

  • In Municipal Corporation areas and selection grade municipalities : 13% of the value
  • In other municipalities : 12% of the value
  • In panchayat areas : 11% of the value

The following additional fees must be paid to the Sub-Register at the time of registration

  • Upto Rs. 50,000 valuation : Rs. 10 per Rs. 1.00
  • Above Rs. 50,000 valuation :Rs. 5 per Rs. 1,000 (for the amount exceeding Rs. 50,000/-)
  • Copying fee : Rs. 2 per 800 words

Unregistered or undervalued documents

  • If at any time a document of sale is not registered, or if a document is registered with under valuation of the property, then such a document can be impounded by the Sub-Registrar when it comes to his notice.
  • The impounded document is sent to the Collector or RDO or Sub-Collector for fixing proper value and imposing a penalty. The RDO will then enquire into the case, and fix a proper value as on the day of sale, and impose a penalty as per law.
  • The sale deed is then registered on collecting the prescribed stamp duty and the penalty.
  • If you have any doubt about the valuation, please ask for the Basic Valuation Register and verify the values given. All the records of the Sub-Registrar's offices are being computerized. Whenever this has been completed, you can ask for, and get the details of valuation and stamp duty payable through computer printouts.
  • If there is any difficulty experienced in registering a document, please approach the District Registrar.

    Courtesy: Loksatta

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